For Super Savers Who Refuse To Pay Full Price

We buy our merchandise local and chain retailers at a fraction of retail value and then pass on these incredible savings to you.

Imperfect Packaging & Open Boxes
Save 50% on an x-box with a torn box!?

To maintain their brand identity, corporate retailers must adhere to certain standards set by their organization, so they often discard perfectly good products for minor flaws such as a broken box or a missing label. Discarding the items yields zero profit for these major retailers so, rather than losing all of their money on imperfectly packaged items, they sell it to us at a fraction of the cost.

Previous Models, Last Seasons Fashion Line and Last Editions
Manufacturers roll out new products all the time, we help them make room for the new and pass on the savings to you!

Some people need the most current fashion line, the newest models .and the latest version of their favorite products; we are not these people! At Little Bit Of Everything, we buy a lot of V2.2 of the elite new Electrolux vacuums so that we can offer it to you for 50% less than the latest version, V2.3. Our customers still find last year’s fashion line to be stylish, comfortable and wearable; so we stock a full range of designer fashion for savings of up to 95%!

Overstock, Display Models and Extra Shipments
We make too much a very good thing!

Often times, retailers receive an access of items from the manufacturer to fill up display space and promote new items. Once the promotion has ended, they are left with stock that simply does not fit on their shelves. A Little Bit Of Everything purchases lots of these brand new items in perfect condition and passes the incredible savings onto you!

Best Buy Dates
Because some prefer ultra-freshness while others prefer ultra-savings!

When we found out that retailers were literally throwing away our favorite brands, we decided that something had to be done! We simply could not bare to see our favorite foods, beverages, cleaning supplies and personal hygiene products go to waste simply because of the dates on their packaging! To think, perfectly usable lotions, still delicious cereal and tasty candies, right into the trash can!? This is when we sent out our best negotiators and made arrangements with major retailers in the area to purchase thee goods for pennies on the dollar. Now, you too can save hundreds on nearly expired food, beverages, medications, beauty products and more when you shop at A Little Bit Of Everything.