wings of life


Life Gear LG567 Wings of Life Emergency Survival Kit Backpack with 72 Hour Food and Water

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Product Description
From the Manufacturer

Each Life Gear “Wings of Life” Emergency Survival Kit Backpack contains enough emergency supplies to sustain you for three days (72 Hours), as recommended by the American Red Cross and FEMA. Whether it be hiking through the foothills or evacuating your home in an emergency, the Life Gear Grab n Go Backpack gives you peace of mind, wherever you go. Aside from being a fully functional backpack, this Survival Kit has your needs covered in case of emergencies. The front compartment unzips to reveal the “Wings”, containing an organized assortment of emergency needs and utilities. The emergency kit includes a 3 day supply of emergency food and water, a first aid kit, muti-function tool, directional compass, all weather poncho, signaling mirror, writing pad and pen, waterproof document/cash bag, signaling whistle, thermal blanket, leather working gloves, Respirator Mask, Emergency Red Flasher and hygiene kit. This highly functional everyday use bug out bag features detachable Wings, sleeve system storage for food/water, see through pockets for quick access to items, cell phone/walkie talkie carrying case